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12/03/2003: Criminally Absurd

Follow Up: Anti-Snob Zoning
from prof_booty

My friend, Bleepert, chimes in on affordable housing in New England:

so how do they determine who is eligible for subsidized housing/ghetto pads? guaranteed we have middle child syndrome. too little money to live large, to much money to get any assistance. do you realize that without our parents, we'd be like the homeless working class or even middle class street corner bums. just drop my bills at the corner of 5th and main, the third refrigerator box on the left. so where's the motivation to do anything but piss in the special sauce at mcdonalds (i'll give ya a mc'fuckin job) and qualify for po people housin. at least we'd have a place to live. fuck it. i'm not going to work. i'm just not gonna go. why did we go to college? oh that's right. the american dream. that whole delayed gratification thing. i'm still fucking waiting. no wonder people smoke pot.

Wednesday the 3rd of December, prof_booty noted:

looks like the wheels have come and the bus is on fire. tune in, turn on...