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09/04/2008: :: Technologica - Want Energy Independence? The Electrical Grid Can't Handle It (Yet) from The New York Times It appears that the American...
09/03/2008: :: Arcanum - Descendents Of Templars Sue The Pope from NPR In one of the more interesting lawsuits filed in recent memory, people...
09/23/2005: :: Fraud & Conspiracy - Tinfoil Hat Dept.: Was Katrina Manufactured??? from" target="_blank">Weather Wars ""It's worse than imaginable," the president said after walking through...
09/22/2005: :: Technologica - Thermal Depolymerization: The Energy Solution??? from Changing World Technologies, Inc. Its funny how the thought process works sometimes. Living up...
09/21/2005: :: Stuff That Doesn't Suck - Free Beer! Dept.: Youppi! Lives from ESPN As a lifelong Montreal Expos fan (they were my "National League" team, with...
09/16/2005: :: Urban Archaeology - Arcata Marsh: Remediation In Action from City of Arcata As you may know from my investigations into Sawin's Pond ...
09/14/2005: :: That's Entertainment? - Hong Kong Disneyland: It's A Small World After All, Comrade from Reuters The Walt Disney Comapny's newest theme park, Hong...
09/13/2005: :: Breaking News - Bruce Lee: Patron Saint of Bosnia from" target="_blank">CNN Mostar, Bosnia- Herzegovina was looking for a statue to bring together...
09/09/2005: :: Stuff That Doesn't Suck - The Thomas Jefferson Hour: Revolutionary Talk Radio from The Thomas Jefferson Hour I was driving along the highway one evening...
09/04/2005: :: Criminally Absurd - You Know It's Bad When FOX News is Telling The Truth from Crooks and Liars I am currently without a...
09/30/2004: Stuff That Does't Suck Stuff That Doesn't Suck - Escher for Real from Israel Institute of Technology "The work of M.C. Escher needs no introduction. We have all learned...
09/30/2004: Criminally Absurd Criminally Absurd - White Castle lawsuit has familiar ring Grandpa, is it true that they actually used to serve food hot!? from Chicago...
09/15/2004: Arcanum Arcanum - The Pitch Drop Experiment from The University of Queensland The first Professor of Physics at the University of Queensland, Professor...
09/10/2004: Stuff That Does't Suck Stuff That Doesn't Suck - "Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History" by Fred Grandinetti from McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers via Watertown Tab Popeye An Illustrated...
09/08/2004: Asshat of the Week Asshat of the Week - Microsoft patents use of Tab button from A patent for which Microsoft applied on March 6, 1997, has been...
09/07/2004: Technologica Technologica - Launched from In cooperation with the Athenaverse, has gone live. Audrey Jacks jewelry is hand crafted by...
09/02/2004: Breaking News Breaking News - Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor from The Doctor Who News Page I can hardly believe it- Doctor Who is...

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