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09/02/2004: Breaking News Breaking News

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor
from The Doctor Who News Page

ectardis1 (49k image)I can hardly believe it- Doctor Who is officially back in production after 15 years! Granted, there was a FOX TV Movie made in 1996, but it didn't get picked up, so, technically...(*nerd alert*)

The BBC is putting a lot of money into the new series, and it is considered, along with the TV Movie, to be a continuation of the original series. It sounds like there is going to be some changes, starting with the Doctor's wardrobe, as you can see. The campy outfits are gone, but the producers, who grew up as fans, say they are going to maintain the flavor. And yes, despite what has been previously been reported here at the Athenaeum, the Daleks are indeed going to return to the show!

The Doctor Who News Page is the place if you want any sort of information about anything Who- related. To keep up with the developments of the new series, check out their New Series News Page, which has a lot of spoilers.