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09/07/2004: Technologica Technologica Launched


In cooperation with the Athenaverse, has gone live. Audrey Jacks jewelry is hand crafted by Boston's own Alexandra Grenham. Using a variety materials including beads, coral, bone, stone, and jewels, her jewelry is adventurous. "I have always loved how certain jewelry can tell a story." Alexandra says. "People light up when asked about the funky bracelet they picked up in a flea market while visiting Rome or the strand of pearls given to them by their grandmother on their wedding day. The history behind the jewelry and the conversations that ensue are part of my inspiration in creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry."

The website was designed and developed by noted athenaeum contributor prof_booty, and the hosting services are provided in part by the Athenaverse. Saunter on over to to check out the extensive on-line gallery of Alexandra's work, and find out where you can see her work in person.