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09/23/2005: :: Fraud & Conspiracy

Tinfoil Hat Dept.: Was Katrina Manufactured???
from Weather Wars

""It's worse than imaginable," the president said after walking through a battered neighborhood in Biloxi, Miss. He warned of gasoline supply problems this weekend because of damaged refineries and pipelines.

"I'm not looking forward to this trip," Bush said as he toured Alabama and Mississippi and headed for Louisiana. "It's as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine," he said."
-from the Sun-Herald (Mississippi), 9/2/05

As any longtime Athenaeum reader would know, we are interested in strange technology and its potential applications. Scott Stevens, who runs the website is not just a fringe conspiracy guy, he has a degree in meteorology and works as a TV weatherman. He has been compiling compelling evidence backed up with science which seems to suggest that Hurricane Katrina was the result not of Mother Nature, nor global warming, but was a created weather event. Yes, he talks openly of Tesla, HAARP, secret Soviet weaponry, non-traditional uses of radar and electricity, and other technologies as possible methods for accomplishing this.

Is Scott Stevens a nut who is taking advantage of a tragic event to promote himself or is he onto something? I would like to take this opportunity to wish for the health and safety of my fellow Americans who are in the path of Hurricane Rita.

Wednesday the 28th of September, Froman noted:

Sounds more like the plot of a Bond movie. Evil vilan steals Russian weather controling device; holds US ransom for a trilllion dollors or he'll hit the coast with a record shattering Hurrican. Ummmm .... though I'm not arguing the science behind his claims of such a poissible occurance, the likelihood that Katrina was such an event is slim to bupkiss.