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12/18/2003: Stuff That Does't Suck Stuff That Doesn't Suck

Microsoft and NY state Double Team Asshat Spammer
from AP at Ananova

Microsoft and New York's attorney general have filed lawsuits against what they called a spam ring responsible for sending billions of illegal email messages.

The lawsuits target Scott Richter, who it is alleged is one of the world's most prolific senders of spam, or junk email.

They accuse Richter and "accomplices" of sending illegal spam in 35 countries and disguising their work to prevent irritated consumers from tracing the messages.

Richter claimed the suits were baseless.

In a statement, Microsoft said the email campaigns used common spam techniques such as forged sender names, false subject lines, fake server names, inaccurate and misrepresented sender addresses, or obscured transmission paths.

"Deceptive and illegal spam, like the kind we're attacking today, is overwhelming legitimate email and threatening the promise and potential of the Internet for all of us," said Brad Smith, senior vice president and general counsel at Microsoft.

I can't believe I am cheering for Microsoft.