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02/27/2004: Technologica Technologica

Resistance Is Futile
from case junkies via slashdot

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The plans for an extra PC, functioning as a router, firewall and download-machine were made long before I got the idea to make the Borg Cube. I first intended to use a small midi case (A-Open H340B) with a Via EPIA-M 933Mhz chipset and 256MB RAM memory. After having put it all together, I was not really satisfied with the way it looked. It looked kinda boring to me, and that's when I got the idea to build a case myself. Here's why I chose Borg to be the design's theme:

* To Route: Collective A central point where everything comes together and gets sent out to multiple computers.
* Act as Firewall: To prevent hostile attempts to penetrate the system, and neutralize them.
* To Download: All your bytes will be assimilated...
* And, the Borg are just cool... ..

Since I wanted the project to be 100% original, I searched the internet for similar projects. Fortunately none of them came close to what I planned to make. After having collected as many pictures and information as possible, which was harder than I first thought, I started the construction of the Borg Cube.